Sunday, March 13, 2016


Written by C.W. Mundy
All of this discussion concerning educational concepts points us to the purpose of this article: the legacy investment. This is what Michael Crabb and his new publication, WorkingTitle, is all about: Education 101. When it comes right down to it, the public not only wants to support art, but more importantly, wants to understand it!  Michael Crabb’s vision, along with a team effort, is a recipe for success. Educating their audience with thought-provoking articles and coupled with outstanding creative art will inspire all involved.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this publication. Let us all promote the logical educational tools of art in our communities and abroad. Without art, societies suffer. 

Written by Bassmi Ibrahim
I have known Michael Crabb since the inception of his beautiful magazine WorkingTitle   Not only is the magazine filling a vital need in the art world, but also worthy of mention is that Michael Crabb himself is great person to work with, both professional and responsive to our needs.   Working with him has been a pleasure and I would highly recommend him to others.

Written by David Steiner

I have worked with Michael Crabb for approximately two years, collaborating on four issues of Working Title Project with great success. As I've gotten to know Michael, several things have become apparent to me. He is foremost an artist and creative individual. Working together, many of our ideas came together to produce a refined, elegant and powerful statement for the magazine. Michael gives his heart and soul to this project
and I am more than pleased with the final product. When your name is printed on the cover, the attention to detail and overall impact of the magazine can only benefit. Michael embodies a rare quality in this world…that one person can make a huge difference in this world, when properly focused. WorkingTitle is basically the Michael Crabb project. With very little support or funding he has reached out to our local community with the intent purpose of making a difference for all working artists and galleries and should be recognized for that accomplishment alone. It has been a privilege to work with Michael and I have been inspired by his energy and fortitude. I wish him only the best, and hope that someday Michael may cross your path.

Written by Crystal Barrett, former director of Palm Avenue Fine Art Gallery, Sarasota
Michael Crabb is an inspirational person to work with. His positivity and optimism is contagious and he carries an air of sincerity that we don’t often see. Working with him is always a pleasure and WorkingTitle is a wonderful reflection of both Michael’s dedicated endeavor and the quality artwork that can be found or commissioned locally.

Written by Jack King, University of Tampa Professor
When I first saw the publication WorkingTitle  sitting on a table outside our university gallery, I was intrigued. As I began a more careful review, it became readily apparent the Tampa Bay area had nothing to compete with its quality and sophistication. Since my first contact and involvement with Michael, I continue to be impressed with his enthusiasm, passion, and most importantly, his dedication to creating a publication, which features the work of artists with a professional quality seldom found in community based media. Thank you Michael for your continued efforts and great work!

Written by Richard Pellicci
There are people who truly pay it forward and Michael Crabb certainly fits that mold. Michaels publication Working Title is testimony to that statement. A true gentlemen in every sense of the word Michael publishes his amazing book for the love of art and artists here in Sarasota and elsewhere. A venue for artists to show there work in a sophisticated way given in an extremely affordable platform. No corners are cut with the quality of his book starting with the paper it is printed on, color reproduction and text. Every artist is handled in his own special way highlighting the best of each individual. The business end is also a smooth process, handled with the best intentions of each individual. To say that each artist will continue a working relationship with Michael and Working Title is truly an understatement. Truly one of the better individuals you will ever meet in the Art world.

Written by Nathan Beard

Michael Crabb and I have been friends for a number of years and have worked together on a number of projects in our roles both as artists and curators. As an artist published in WorkingTitle  I have found Michael's level of professionalism as an editor to be superior. The magazine is beautifully produced and is a critical component of the art community landscape in our region. I share the magazine frequently with collectors of my own work, including interior designers. As a curator and former art consultant, I am most excited about WorkingTitle' s ability to serve as an up-to-date catalog of the region's artists, making the selection process for exhibitions and clients that much easier. Michael and I co-curated a very successful exhibition in February 2017 that included 15 artists pulled from the magazine archives. You will without a doubt hold WorkingTitle in high regard and find that it is an invaluable resource for your own creative community.

Written by Glen DePasse
So many artists may be good at their working process but unfortunately are unaware of the importance of self promotion or marketing and yes, it can be intimidating. To have someone like Michael Crabb provide a high quality vehicle for artists to gain exposure is a real blessing. It’s obvious from the first few discussions with Michael that he’s focussed, has a plan and puts in the required work to make it happen, however, there’s one intangible he possesses that in todays hectic environment eludes most people…..ENTHUSIASM. My father told me a long time ago you can have all the talent, connections and tools in the world but the one ingredient that will carry you beyond expectations is enthusiasm. That’s the one thing that sticks with me after every “Michael” encounter…his energy and attitude are in high gear, and it’s contagious. He’s an asset to so many artists facing the challenge of “Getting out there”.

Written by Kristin Doyle, O.D. Spectacle Gallery

I met Michael Crabb through a colleague last year. I was looking for a photographer for social medial advertising, as well as for print advertising. I am very particular with how I want my business portrayed, and the image we want to convey. Michael took my ideas, and completely raised the bar. He has provided us with amazing portrait shots, product shots, and layout designs. He is honest, reliable, and hard working. He has never missed a deadline, and has never told me he is unavailable, no matter how busy he gets (I do not think the man sleeps!) The only problem I would say I have had with him in the past year of working with him, is that he is too hard working! Perfection is not good enough for him. I cannot express how great he has been to work with. He has brought another level of creative design advertising that I never imagined.  
One final note, is that is also good with connecting people. I needed a quality printing company, and he not only recommended a great place but also negotiated me a discount with them! He has also connected me to several artists in my local community, and I am very grateful to have gotten to know several of them.  

Written by Jozef Batko

Michael is a true professional with absolute dedication to his project. An artist who understands other artist with passion and patience.